Beggs Cattle Co

Beggs Cattle Co

Beggs Cattle Company was established as a cattle operation in 1876 and has been raising and continue to use good working horses for over 95 years.

The drawing above, "Two On One" by Brian Asher Art, shows Jeff Williams and Chance O'Neal cutting a cull cow on 2 good Beggs' horses at the Beggs Post Ranch

Comprised of 3 ranches, they spread over seven Texas counties and span four generations. They have earned the AQHA Legacy Award and the Charles Goodnight award due to their contributions to preserve Western heritage and tradition still working cattle with horses and cowboys. There's more on the History of Beggs Cattle Company page.

The "Becaco" quarter horses carry the "English Pound" brand on their left shoulders. Many are descendants of Hollywood Gold, King P-234, Leo, Aledo Bar, Mr San Peppy, and Doc Bar

Raising good horses is "by design". Their quarter horse operation began with the need for horses suited for the duties of ranching - a full day's work with lots of cow and stamina. Horses that also do well in the show arenas are a plus. The Becaco horses are no strangers to the cutting or roping arenas.

Horses raised on the Beggs Cattle Company ranches are offered in the "Return To The Remuda" sale in conjunction with the Pitchfork, Four Sixes and Tongue River ranches.

Beggs Cattle Company
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